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Testing Protocols

Note that autism is "detected" more prominently near autism clinics, so be wary of a diagnosis without a second opinion.

Where can you get and Asperger's Test?

Online checklists may help you decide whether to seek treatment or an official diagnosis

Testing protocols for Aspergers and Autism need to be rigorous, because many different disorders and personality quirks can hide under an Apsperger's diagnosis. For example, some kids may naturally be picky, antisocial, or perfectionists. Likewise, some kids and adults are just complete jerks, and you don't need a psychiatrist to tell you that. The behaviors of people with Aspergers can border on OCD or can just be seen as quirky but there are definite cases where you may be concerned about personality issues.

Common symptoms of Asperger Syndrome include the odd use of language, clumsiness, repetitive behavior, and the inability to pick up on nonverbal communication cues. There may also be a perceived lack of empathy. There appears to be a genetic basis for the disorder, but no single cause (or DNA test for Asperger's) has been discovered. Recently, in the Psychiatric world, the idea of Aspergers has been eliminated in the DSM-5 scale in place of "high functioning autism" as a diagnosis. This means that you aren't quite Rain Man, but close.

Diagnosis and testing for Asperger syndrome generally happens between the ages of five and twelve. Therapists use conversation and play-based settings for cues, instead of giving autism tests. Aspeger children may first be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, and also need to be screened for diverse things like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, fetal alcohol syndrome, and OCD. In many cases it is noted in the manner in which the subject speaks, which can include metaphors known only to the speaker, unusual rhythm, pitch, or loudness, and abrupt transitions to different topics. It may even be incoherent. Children with AS have problems understanding sarcasm, irony, and humor, although they may just think that your favorite TV shows 30 Rock and The Office are fairly boring and not funny in a Three Stooges way.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: A true Asperger's Test should be given by trained professionals who can prescribe medication or therapy for this Autism related disorder.