The Adult Asperger's Self-Report Index (AASRI)

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This survey tool was written by an aspie for other aspies. Its purpose is to identify mild cases of Asperger's/ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in adults of average or above-average intelligence. Such people are in the "gray area," the ones most likely to have gone unidentified for many years, the ones whose self-report is most likely to be disbelieved (due to an outward appearance of being well adjusted), and the ones most likely to have been given a less-than-helpful "medium" score by other surveys.

I developed the AASRI from the common experiences of autistic individuals, some of which can more reliably be experienced from within than seen from without. This survey was not developed to test a theory of mind or theory of autism. This survery is completely unconcerned with the causes of autism. The sole purpose of the AASRI is the efficient identification of the features of autism that should be readily apparent to the respondent.

If you, the respondent, are honest in your self-reflection and responses to the items, this survey may be able to indicate whether the life you've lived is similar to the lives of those already diagnosed with autism. Please don't try to figure out the survey while you're taking it. Every item was written to eliminate the need for you to "read into" it. You won't need to fill in the gaps left by poor wording or a misunderstanding of the autistic experience. Every item means exactly what it says. Please don't try to present a consistent image of yourself. Just take each item as an isolated question, even if it seems to present a contradiction to a previous item. All of this was thought out so that you don't need to shape an appearance for yourself. Just be yourself and answer honestly.

Please note that use of this survey does not constitute a formal diagnosis. It has not yet been validated and so the use of it should be combined with other surveys that have already been validated, such as the Asperger's Quotient, the RAADS-R, or the RAADS-14. It would help to validate this survey if you would take these other surveys and provide your total scores for them when you take this survey. Taking these other surveys isn't required. You can still take the AASRI without providing information about any other surveys.

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The AASRI survey is released to the public domain.